Denmark is an international pioneer in renewable energy and climate protection.

In northern Denmark, the town of Frederikshavn is the center of Recycling City. We are determined to develop opportunities based on a circular economic approach by strategically identifying businesses within recycling. We attract businesses and use the Recycling City umbrella to create strong industrial synergies. We are committed to 
seize todays’ opportunities and generate a strong and thriving business community.

Frederikshavn Municipality became Denmark’s first Climate Municipality in 2007. The municipality’s focus on energy optimizations attracts visitors from all over the world. Furthermore, the Municipality of Frederikshavn actively integrates sustainability and the UN’s 17 Global Goals. See the Municipality Development Strategy 2020-2024.

The will power, the partners and the capacity to handle and upgrade large quantities of waste materials are already present. Among others you will find the world’s first and Europa’s largest custom-built decommissioning site for environmentally friendly scrapping of offshore platforms etc. at the Port of Frederikshavn.

We are committed to do large scale sustainable business. Together we shall locate and deploy future solutions to solve the challenges of todays waste.

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